The correct way to cut Stilton cheese.

Did you know there is an etiquette to eating Stilton? 
To "nose" a wedge of Stilton (cut off the narrowest point of the triangle) is to commit a gastronomic crime! Regarded as poor etiquette when sharing a cheeseboard, taking the tip deprives others from enjoying the creamiest part of the cheese. Instead, it should be cut along the length from the outside crust towards the tip so that everyone gets to enjoy the most flavoursome part.
However, if you a lucky enough to have a whole wheel of Stilton, then spoon out the centre and leave the crust - no knife needed!

At Thackray Brown we adore Colston Bassett Stilton, with its deep and creamy texture and the recognisably spicy blue tang that is both nutty & rich, no cheeseboard is complete without it! The Nottingham dairy at Colston Basset has been making Stilton for over one hundred years. The farming co-operative which was first established in 1913, is still in operation today and they continue to make their cheese in the traditional way, using recipes that have been handed down the generations with milk from local farms – all within 1.5 miles of the dairy in the Vale of Belvoir.