The Real Magic of Mushrooms: Mycelium Packaging

In a move to disrupt the use of non-sustainable packaging in the high-end gifting market, Thackray Brown are proud to have collaborated with the Magical Mushroom Company to create our mycelium hampers, the first of their kind.

So what is mycelium? Mycelium is the organic structure of fungi. The magic lies in its potential to bind together other materials and create a green alternative to plastics. Our hampers are made from a composite of agricultural waste materials such as hemp, cork, wood shavings combined with mycelium which grows in a mould to form our desired shape.

It takes just less than a week to complete this process, but better still, it composts in 40 days adding organic matter back to our soils. We encourage our recipients to plant their hampers in the ground with the wild flower seeds provided for a beautiful, climate positive outcome.

Integrity to quality & sustainability are central to our business model. We don't just talk about the importance of environmentalism, we practice it & aim to lead the way to positive change in our industry.

In the spirit of Compost Week UK 2022, let's celebrate initiatives that help reduce single use packaging! 🍄🤎