Ethical Caviar is no longer a contradiction in terms.

Despite a worldwide ban on wild caviar in 2006 following the decimation of Sturgeon stocks, 85% of all sturgeon remain at risk of extinction. With such rarity & demand, their value to poachers means the trade continues irrespectively, making them more critically endangered than any other group of species according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature.
Though sturgeon caviar facilities have been established worldwide to provide a sustainable option and remove the burden from the wild stocks, the method used to obtain the eggs is a cause for concern for animal rights and cruelty activists.
Traditional Caviar harvesting ultimately results in the death of the fish, which with current production targets equates to millions of mature Sturgeon meeting their end every year.

This is clearly unsustainable. Though farms exist, stocks are nowhere near robust enough to cope with anything like current demand which in turn led to the revolutionary work of Yorkshire based company @KCCaviar. Committed to help save the sturgeon from extinction, they have developed the first cruelty-free Caviar production in the world, which allows the eggs to be gently and naturally released stress free without killing the fish. The method relies on highly controlled conditions, expert husbandry knowledge and methodically correct timing, and produces a superb, particularly clean and pure quality of Caviar.

KC Caviar are a true example of a forward thinking & ethical business daring to do better. It is such ethos & quality that Thackray Brown strives to showcase & support. Keep a look out for KC Caviar, soon to be available in our hampers!